Is It Worth It

I am a teacher and yesterday morning while walking to my classroom I was asked by my principal if I enjoyed teaching and I said, ” I love it!”  Today during my last period a student asked me if I loved teaching and I said, “Yes, I love it!.” Both my student and my principal were surprised to hear that I loved teaching.  My student went on to tell me that he can tell that I do and that he can tell other teachers hate teaching.  Then he asked me, “Why would people do things, especially work a job, that they hate?”  I told him that for the most part people are told to do things without being given much data that supports the reason why that person should do that thing they are being told to do.  I told him that as kids most adults tell kids to do things that they were told as kids, or they tell them to do things that are culturally popular.  I told him that very few adults explain to kids that learning about one’s own likes, dislikes, aspirations, and ambitions is just as important as following the advice and directions of adults, so many kids grow up believing they must do what their adult mentors or leaders have been telling them, thus many end up doing things they hate.  Next I told him that the majority of people that get a college degree got one because they felt like they had to and that the majority of people end up working jobs that had nothing to do with their major.  Lastly I told him that since adults have to make money, many adults end up taking jobs that give them the money they need to satisfy their wants and needs but they sacrifice their happiness for money.  I did not mention that the student that was standing in front of me listening and asking questions, was a student that for the entire semester slept in class, did not want to hear what I had to say, and rarely asked questions or participated in discussions.  Now this student was engaged with me in a way that I had hoped he would do the entire semester so that’s why I love teaching.  I love the fact that I have the ability to impact a student in such a positive way that they will stand and talk with me for 15 minutes after the bell has rang on a Friday, and he has a car to freely drive away any time he wants, but instead he wanted to talk with me and learn something.  That’s why I love teaching!!!


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