On 12/09/2015 I told my class that at the end of class we would do something different than usual.  I told them that instead of me asking them questions they could ask me questions and if they can cause me to tell them that I am unable to answer the question then I would give them extra credit.  This sparked something in many of the students because students that usually don’t talk started to talk and ask me questions.

In one class after being asked a series of questions, many people in the class started to talk when they were not supposed to, so I asked the students when did they think they were going to change their behavior from being disrespectful and irresponsible to being more respectable and more responsible. Many of the students said that they would do this once they graduated high school and started college.  Another student added that they are not always the way they are in my class, I asked why is this so, and a different student said, “Its because you are being more stern with students and they are rebelling”.  I told the class again, that people should not have to threaten them in order to get them to do the things they should do anyway but few seemed to listen.  Then I told them that they should use their intelligence to see that its important to change their negative behaviors so that they don’t become bad habits that prevent or slow them from reaching the goals they want to reach.

I have really been stressing to my students the importance of changing their bad habits in reference to the way they think and behave so that they can reach their goals.  Many of my students continue to believe that they can flip a switch and just do things differently once they get to a certain age but I keep reminding them that humans are creatures of habit and for the most part humans continue to do what they have always done until they take time to change.  I tell them how the brain works and that its much easier to start a new habit than to change an old habit.  Changing those old habits takes the intelligence of a person to recognize a change is needed, intelligence to make a plan and then effort to put the plan into action.  Changing those bad habits is what maturity is, refusing to change bad habits does not show maturity.


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