Life After High School

One of the biggest struggles I have in class is convincing my students that the same bad habits they have in high school will be the same bad habits they will carry with them after high school which will cause them problems if they don’t change these bad habits.  I tell my students almost everyday that the way they think controls their behavior and if they don’t focus on improving their thinking they will have a hard time improving their behaviors.  I stress to them that whatever they choose to do in life they will have to be able to independently learn, independently read, critically think and communicate effectively but if they don’t have a habit of independently learning, independently reading, critically thinking or communicating effectively, they are not going to experience the success they all say they want to experience after high school.  Most of my students think that comprehending what they read and hear is not important once high school is over.  Most of my students think answering questions about morality, ethics, government and philosophy are not important.  Most of my students think answering questions, or asking questions out loud are not important to do.  Most of my students believe history is irrelevant and does not need to be studied and that it will not come in handy after high school.

I would love for people that are out of high school to comment on how important it is to keep learning, think critically and communicate effectively so that my students can read these comments and hopefully start to take independent learning, reading, thinking critically  and communicating effectively seriously.


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