The second largest continent on Earth is one of the most under-studied, under-rated, unappreciated, and un-talked about continent in the world.  This shocks me considering the fact that almost all scientists believe that Africa is the birthplace of man including the modern man Homo-Sapien Sapien and that many of the products we use today like the computer and cellphone depend on the resources that come out of the ground in Africa.  I teach my students all of this so that they have a better understanding of slavery and colonization and the impact it has had on them, the rest of the world and Africans.  My students know about Ghana and the Gold Coast and their relationship with the Portuguese.  They know about Timbuktu and Kemet.  Of course they may not remember everything I say but they have been introduced to these places and people, along with some of their history.  I teach my kids to study texts that are different from their texts books and to travel to other countries so that they can see the impact the media and their formal education has had on the way they view the world.

I am a high school literature teacher and my kids are always asking me why I teach them so much history and I tell them that every piece of literature was written in a certain time period and to accurately understand what was written and why it was written one must know the historical background of that piece of literature.  Since I know that humanity started in Africa and many of the pieces of literature we read has been influenced by African culture it makes sense to incorporate Africa into the lesson plan.


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