Your Mind Is The Key

When I first arrived at school and started teaching my students I told them, “The most important and only thing that will ever matter in this world is what you think.”  I went on to tell them that what they think controls what they do and how they behave.  I told them that if they think something is hard and they continually say things allude to something being difficult and that they can’t do it then this will become a reality for them.  Of course students then retorted with, “So if I say its not hard then it won’t be hard? or “If I say something is easy then it will be easy?”  I had to tell these students how their brains and mind works.

I told my students that they have mind divided into two parts 1)the Conscious mind and 2) the Subconscious mind. I told them that their conscious mind is responsible for doing all of their logic and reasoning and that their subconscious mind is responsible for storing memories, belief systems, involuntary body movements like breathing and their heart beat.  I told them that they are who they have consistently told themselves who they are and that they are a product of their habits. So if they continually tell their self that something is hard the subconscious mind records that and makes it a reality over time.  I told my students that the mind can do the same thing in reverse, if you tell your self you can do it, then your subconscious ind records that and over time it will become a reality if you work at it long enough.  I tell my students that they must look at what they have made habits so that they can see what they need to change in order to experience the type of success they say they want to have.

Many of the habits I see my students exhibit are  refusing to talk about the lesson during class,talking about each other, refusing to use logic and reason when they make a decision, refusing to read as much as they should, refusing to speak or write as much as they should, listening to music during class, talking to their friends about relationships during class, texting during class, talking about sports, talk about movies, and talking about pop culture.  I tell my students that if they don’t change how they think then they can’t change how they behave, so if they want to pass any test they must be in a habit of studying in a way that is best for them.  If they want to be great at anything they must understand what must be consistently done in order to be great at that something.  I tell my students that their bad habits will ensure that they do not experience the success they wan to experience because of how long they have consistently thought and behaved.

I remind them that their subconscious is recording and remembering everything they do so they must ensure that they are doing things that is going to be a benefit to them.   Every job and every business owner has requires a person to read, write and speak but if students have not been practicing these skills they will not be as prepared as those who have been practicing these skills.  My students have been told these things multiple times but I don’t think they truly understand how important their mind is to their success.  All of my students are very intelligent and I tell them this so that they use this intelligence more frequently.  I tell them to break these bad habits so that they can experience the success they all say they want to achieve once formal schooling is over.  Hopefully people will comment on this blog and give me and my students some input on what I tell them in class.


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