School Is Detention By Rodney Smith

School to most kids is like detention because much of school feels like a punishment where nothing is fun and exciting.  In school like detention, kids must sit down, be quiet, write, read, and complete math assignments.  Where is the part of school that allows kids to talk, yell, run, socialize or just do something they consider fun?  But what would happen in the lives of kids if school was all fun and no work?  Once kids get older and have to support themselves financially and emotionally would they be properly prepared.  The people that manufacture cell phones that students use, the people that build buildings that students use, the people produce the food that students consume, the people that create the clothing that students wear don’t get to sing, play on phones, and socialize all day at work. Do all of these workers spend their work hours having fun or completing a task that many people depend on?  Completing tasks of course, ensuring that people can enjoy their life.

The people in the world that support themselves financially don’t just quit a job because their manager or supervisor made them mad or asked them to do something they did not want to do.  They don’t quit because they know that they are doing a job for money.  A business owner does not shut down his business because of a disgruntled or upset customer.  Living as an adult is not a fun thing 24 hours a day and much of being an adult is like being in detention, but that does not mean that the hard work people put in does not pay off.  I created this website so that students can share their thoughts about school and the world in general.  I hope some students disagree with me or agree with me and are confident enough to comment on this post.


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